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Long-term infrastructure planning

In June 2020, the Government of Sweden gave the Swedish Transport Administration a directive to develop a direction framework for long-term infrastrucuture-planning for the plan periods 2022-2033 and 2022-2037.

The main aim of the direction framework is to provide a basis for the financial framework of the government´s infrastructure proposal, along with guidance for prioritising possible measures in the transport infrastructure for the plan periods.

The framework describes overall goals and strategic approaches based on the governtment´s directive and the impacts on infrastructure measures and the degree of achievement of the goals vis-à-vis the transport policy objectives. The direction framework takes external circumstances and conditions into account and outlines the assumptions about the technological developments and other societal changes and how these may affect the overall goals and strategic approach that is to be presented.

The direction framework was submitted to the government October 30 2020 and simultaneously for external comment.

Summary of "A direction framework for long-term infrastrucuture-planning, for the periods 2022-2033 and 2022-2036” (pdf)