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The Swedish Transport Administration and the coronavirus

At the moment, there are no travel restrictions within Sweden, according to the Public Health Agency.

Updated September 29th 2021

A majority of the restrictions in Sweden regarding Covid-19 will be removed as from 29 September 2021. There are still a few recommendations on how not to spread the virus that apply. Read more: 

Visiting Sweden during the Covid-19 pandemic

Public Health Agency of Sweden – This applies from 29 September

The Swedish Transport Administration is monitoring developments in relation to the coronavirus and adjusting its response according to recommendations from the Public Health Agency and other relevant authorities and we apply the precautionary principle.

The Swedish Transport Administration’s national crisis coordination team has been activated to ensure a collective focus in terms of our priorities and any action we plan to take. This will allow us to continually monitor the course of events with regard to the coronavirus, and adapt our response accordingly based on the very latest situation.

Under the circumstances, we are only accepting visits from external parties to the Swedish Transport Administration’s premises if they these visits are business-critical. If you have any questions about a scheduled visit, please get in touch with your contact at the Swedish Transport Administration.

Visits to Trafikverket Förarprov for driving tests etc are accepted.